interconnected1The 3rd thing that every artist and designer needs for the New Year is …a WEB SITE.


Gone are the days of a website being a “nice to have”, it’s a “need to have”.




It’s the most immediate method of showing your work to the people that need to see it.

If your plan is to sell more work, display more work or do more freelance work as a designer; you must make sure that the patrons or buyers can view your work when they want to and from where they want. And even if the goal is not to sell your work, you need to be able to show it to your  audience 24/7.


I have had so many opportunities come open because I either passed someone my business card that sent them my website, or sent them an email with a direct link to my work.


Now, I know that most of you already agree with this. You’ve known for quite some time that you need some form of web presence as an artist or designer. The problem is that you STILL have yet to take action. The paradox about this situation is that many artists that know that they need a website go on the web everyday.


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Last time we said that the first thing you need to have are written goals.

The second thing may sound so basic, but you’d be surprised how many artists go without it.

The second thing is BUSINESS CARDS.

bizcardI don’t mean business cards from your “other job” where you write your contact number on it for someone interested in your art or design work. I mean a set of business cards specifically designed to identify you as an artist.


Think about it: How many times expectantly in conversation it comes up that you’re an artist? What should come next is you passing them an eye catching card so that they can not only remember you, but so that they can follow up with you.

It also allows you to stand out in a sea of artists that may be out there.

Here’s a website that allows you to create your own custom designed business cards, even in non-standard sizes:

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There are 4 basic things that every artist needs in order to set the stage for their success in the new year. We’ll post each of these 4 things in a “miniseries” over the next few days.


Here’s the first of the 4:


goalsOne of the most overlooked yet most critical needs that every artist or designer must have if they plan to make any type of progress in the New Year is to have WRITTEN goals.


For the artist, having written goals does not have to be a hard thing to accomplish. You probably already have those goals in mind already or have talked about them forever! Now’s the time to take action by committing them to paper, which is the first step toward the goal being more than something you only talk about.


I recommend identifying and WRITING DOWN at least 3 key objectives that you as an artist or designer really want to accomplish this year. To help narrow the goals down, they must follow the “S.M.A.R.T.” model:


S- Specific: The goal must not be vague like “to create more art” but specific like “create a minimum of one new art piece each month (or each quarter, etc)”.


M- Measurable: The goal must be something that you can track and measure. This allows you to better determine how close or far away you are from your target.


A-  Achievable: It must be something that you can actually reach. “Being the number one artist in the city” may not be achievable (nor is it measurable). “Competing in 2 city-wide art shows per year” is more achievable.


R- It must be realistic: Selling $1,000 per month in artwork after only selling $60 per month may not be a realistic goal.


T- The goal must be time-specific: Writing it down on a calendar is a great way to stay on top of achieving it as weeks go by.


Keep watching for the 2nd in this miniseries coming soon.

Now, don’t get upset! Don’t start sending hate mail yet, but allow me to clarify:


As great as your art or design skills are, as big as your imagination and creative ideas are…God considers it “Nothing” if you can do it in your own ability.

As accomplished a designer or artist you are, no matter how much money you’re able to command for your talent…God considers it “Nothing” if you can get there without His help.

Jesus said this to His followers: (more…)

This is a continuation of a post I wrote a while back.

A basic and simple method of knowing how to move ahead with a God –given assignment (Part A):
1) Ask yourself, “What’s the last artistic thing that I know for sure, without a doubt, that God directed me to complete?”

This does not have to be super deep or mysterious. It usually is that idea you can’t get rid of, that thing you keep putting off, that painting you still haven’t done, the website portfolio you STILL haven’t launched, etc.

2) Then ask yourself, “Have I done it yet?”
If not, that’s a good place to start. It’s always wise to complete the last thing you know that God has directed you to do before expecting Him to reveal the next project.
A small God-given idea will have much more Kingdom value than spinning your wheels on a “good” idea.

Here’s how to take Action (Part B): (more…)