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Visit the new site here.

Visit the new site here.

After more than a year of sharing with you what we call “Art Lessons From God”, we have decided to take what we’ve learned and what you’ve said you wanted more of and deliver it on our NEW and IMPROVED site, !

The new site has more of what you’ve been asking for, such as:



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Tony Snipes

And now, the 4th and final thing that every artist needs for the new year.

  • You’ve identified your goals (Pt1)
  • Those goals include an eyecatching businesscard (Pt2)
  • Your business cards include your website where you can share and connect with others (Pt3)

The fourth thing: You need to know what God’s promises are concerning His artists.

praying-artistAn artist or designer who has a convenant with God through Jesus Christ has certain privileges, access and assurances that only a life in Christ can give.

purpose and plan for your talent, guidance when times as an artist get tough, divine connections and open doors,  and support when those doors seem shut. All of this is written in God’s word, but it is a secret if you don’t know what it says.

Just like knowing the details of a contract tell you what entitlements and protections you have, familiarizing yourself with God’s word does the same for the artist that has accepted Christ.

To help, feel free to download our special report: “7 Biblical Scriptures for Artists”. It can get you started on knowing what God’s word says about your life as an artist or designer.

This video is great! Take a look at another use of artistic ability that challenges tradition, while still remaining true to the heart of the Gospel Message!

spraycan1I’ve always been fascinated with how God uses different artists and the unique talents that we each have to serve individual purpose, but how that purpose rolls up to His collective plan.

A painter of murals may not reach the audience that a comic book artist may reach. Neither may either of them effectively reach the audience that a fine art painter may reach. The bible teaches us:
“He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work…” Ephesians 4:16

Here is an example of how God uses graffiti artists to communicate the Gospel message. This group of artists is from and is affiliated with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association:

tony-closeupMerry Christmas to our faithful subscribers from the “Art Lessons From God!” family!

Be Blessed!



Tony Snipes 

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