God daydreams about you.


He has a vision of you, a mental image of who you are destined to be.cocoon21


This picture of you that God can see is what I call the TRUE image of you.


For the artist and designer, this image of you includes (but is not limited to) you using your talent to accomplish many things that God had planned for you to complete.


This TRUE image of you actually satisfies the current passion and desires you wrestle with and long for now (especially those that relate to your talent).


Yes, God can see who He’s planned for you to be.


The trick is, this TRUE image of yourself that God sees of you in time, hardly ever lines up with how you foresee yourself becoming that image.


You agree that God has a plan for your gift and talent. You believe that God will do significant things using your creative abilities. But your approach toward arriving there seldom is the way that God chooses.


Here’s an example: As he grew older, Moses was drawn to relieving the burden of his Hebrew brethren. Even while still in Pharaoh’s house he was compelled to right the wrongs among the Hebrews. He caught a glimpse of his TRUE image as one that delivers them from oppression. The downside was that his approach in assuming that image cost the life of one person and his own exile from the Egyptian kingdom.


Not until he gave up all that he knew by becoming a shepherd on the backside of a mountain tending sheep, Moses began becoming the TRUE image of being the deliverer God had destined him to be. Giving up even the seemingly obvious way to impact the lives of the Hebrews (from within the house of Pharoah) was the way of walking in his calling.


So here’s the secret on how you become that TRUE image of yourself that God daydreams about, accomplishing the great things he’s equipped you to do using your gift:


Be willing to give up your passion. Yep, I said it. Be willing to separate being an artist or designer from your identity. Be willing to give up your design ideas, even your own daydreams of yourself as an artist or designer.


This state of mind is not an easy one to get to, but once you’re there, you are in a good place. A place or position of NEUTRALITY. Neutral to your will or the influences of others concerning your work, your style…your being an artist in the first place.


This position of being neutral to your will positions you to “hear” God’s guidance for your life as an artist above the noise of your own desire.


This puts you on the road toward becoming the artist or designer that God imagined you’d be rather than the version that you end up with on your own.