While temperatures are beginning to drop, it’s aways warm in sunny Puerto Rico!

Check us out as “Art Lessons From God” checks out the art of Old San Juan:

I kept seeing art work and crafts that represented the Magi or the 3 Kings from the biblical stories, and I had to ask one of the locals why.

I found out that “3 Kings Day” is a day that is celebrated in Puerto Rico. Also known as “The Feast of the Three Kings” or “the Epiphany”, the day takes place every year on January 6th. Especially important to children, the day is the eve that they will receive their gifts.

The day represents when the wisemen visited the young Christ Child bringing Him gifts. 

 Puerto Rican tradition states that on the Eve of the Epiphany children collect hay, straw or grass and place it in boxes or containers under their beds. This gesture is a gift of food for the Kings’ Horses while they rest in between deliveries.

If a child is good for the past year he will receive candy, sweets or toys. If the child was naughty he or she would find a lump of dirt or charcoal in his box.

This tradition is said to be much older than that of Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve.