This is one of those controversial issues that may not be known to those outside of the art community, but has been thought about if not openly discussed among visual artists.
I personally was originally trained to use more traditional tools for more traditional methods of visual art, specifically painting. I was introduced to electronic tools automatically as I studied Graphic Design and Illustration.
Initially I was intrigued with how digital tools such as Photoshop allowed more for corrections and testing concepts within the cleaner and more “forgiving” environment of a screen versus a canvass or art paper.
You may have found as I have that now Digital Art calls for its own level of skill and ability as much as the traditional art form does.
Gone are the days of simply adding a lens flare or using layers alone and expecting to have a creation that meets your expectations.
Today’s artists that choose to pursue the digital route know that their skills with their digital tools have to be as sharp (if not more than) as with using a pencil or paint brush.
But what do you say?
Is the use of digital art “cheating” as far as you’re concerned? Post a comment and let us know what you think: