This tip will allow you to: 

  • Increase your local exposure as an artist or designer.
  • Build your contact list/database.
  • Build credibility and prestige within your local market.
  • Gain media coverage before, during and after.

 This is something that helps especially the artist whose style is close to the comics, graphic novel, gaming or concept art genre: 

Display or demo your work at your area library’s “Teen Read Week” event: 

Each October, nearly every public library in the nation celebrates “Teen Read Week” in an effort to encourage teenage readers to return to the library. 

One of the segments that these libraries especially attempt to spotlight during “Teen Read Week” is their Graphic Novel selection because of its potential to attract teen readers. 

Each library usually has a designated youth reading director or contact that coordinates events centered on “Teen Read Week”.  This person looks for speakers and others that can add to and make the event more attractive, engaging and exciting. workshop students

I have had much success giving a 2 hour workshop called “Intro To Comics” where I displayed and demonstrated my work to a class of 20-25 young artists, writers and graphic novel fans. The participation allowed me to:

  •  Develop and present a successful workshop that can be replicated outside of the event.
  • Establish a relationship with a respected and reputable civic organization.
  • Connect with the workshop participants and their parents, with the opportunity to further contact them for future events, services or products targeted to their needs.
  • Receive news coverage after the event, keeping me and the art that I do top of mind.

Increase your exposure by contacting your local library while its still early enough to include your work in their plan.