Day at the Beach with Mom 2

You ever hear a speaker say that the message he was delivering was to himself first, then to those he was to speak to second?

Well, that’s what happened with what I call a prophetic painting I recently completed. The painting is called “Endure” and is an image of a battle-weary warrior who is being supported and uplifted by Christ standing behind his kneeling body.

The painting represents a passage from the Bible, 2 Timothy 2:3 that sates “Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” The painting and the passage tell the message that although hard times will come (and they will come) that Christ is there to support and sustain the Believer.

  • …5 months after completing this painting, I received news from out of town that my Mother fell victim to an aneurysm (about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving).
  • 4 w eeks after her hospitalization, my stepfather (her husband) passes away.
  • 3 weeks after returning home to lay him to rest, my Mother also passes away (3 days before Christmas).

Talk about “Endure”.

Multiple times while these challenging events were taking place, the image of that battle-weary warrior stayed with me and I was able to see, and in a sense “hear” God reminding me that He was upholding me through it all.Endure Promo2

I thank God for the gift He’s given me to be able to illustrate, and I especially thank Him for how He used that gift to reach out to me ahead of time to prepare my heart during a dark hour.

My family and I were able to still smile in the midst of it all and are moving forward knowing that are loved ones are now with Him…and that He is also with us.

Be Blessed.