Speak to MeHow do you hear from God concerning your creative talent?
How do you hear from God concerning ANYTHING for that matter?

There is no quick and easy formula, but the bible does guide us and gives us confidence that God does speak to, guides and directs His artists.



The key principle that I believe is that God speaks to us all the time, we just need to:

  • Be in the place where God is speaking in order to hear Him.
  • Get rid of the “noise” that tries to drown out the sound of His voice.
  • Refrain from silencing the voice of God when it conflicts with our own “voice”.

Being “where God is speaking” means to be in the presence of God. This can be anywhere when you direct your mind and spirit to God. That means in church, in fellowship with other believers and especially in your own personal Quiet Time communing with God. It’s like a briefing or meeting that God and you have. The thing is, many times God is waiting to meet with you, but YOU don’t show up to hear from Him.

You as an artist or designer can be encouraged by Bezaleel, an artist from the book of Exodus. God chose him to use his talent to help create the ark of the covenant and the tabernacle where God met with the Hebrew people. Bezeleel’s name means “In the shadow of El” or “In the shadow of God”. This leads us to believe that Bez was an artist that spent time in God’s presence.

The “noise” of day-to-day life can drown out the voice of God. Jesus was surrounded by people almost everyday, yet He dedicated time to step away from the crowds and spend quality time alone with God. The voices of 24 hour TV, radio, cell phones, etc. keeps us accustomed to background noise. It is becoming even more of a challenge to sit down in the quiet and read due to our fast growing multi-media culture. Jesus set the example for us by stealing away to commune with the father, as he received direction from the Father.

Lastly, refrain from silencing the voice of God when it conflicts with your own “voice”. Sometimes God has already spoken to you on many topics. What if His direction to you is the same thing that you’d rather not do? Many times when this happens, we tell ourselves that this wasn’t God’s voice, but our own. What you need to do is to condition yourself to be in a position of Neutrality. That means that you are able to accept whatever God decides no matter how important your personal preference may be.