TonytoonHere is what’s on the Christmas Wish List of several artists and designers from around the nation. You’ll notice that the trend extends from the traditional art supplies to the latest in Hi Tech.  Take a look and share what you’re hoping for as well:

    • Art books
    • New computer
    • Brush pens
    • Wacom Tablet
    • Gallon jog of turpentine
    • Drafting table
    • Easel
    • Bookshelf
    • Scanner
    • Digital camera
    • More RAM!
    • 20″ inch LCD monitor and a new mouse
    • Random music soundtracks for inspirational background
    • External hard drive so I can back up my art for once.”
    • “Xerox copying machine so I won’t spend a lot of cash for printing my comics.”

 Some items that may or may not fit in Santa’s bag:

  • “Full time illustration gig!”
  • “The latest and greatest software for my website!”
  • “ minister to artists in a more purposeful way…”
  • “A good teacher to teach me Photoshop.”
  • “A lot of comics so I can be inspired with them.”
  • “Anything that isn’t socks, sweets or aftershave.”